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Hi, mi name is Alpar Bako. Welcome to my page.

Born in Virgo ♍ In a little city in the heart of Transylvania. Beautiful place if you like nature, and traditional mentality with a modern twist.

Since my birth I have been many, places, and many counties. At the moment I live in the UK. No matter where I am since my childhood always wanted to be an artist. In painting and writing. Now the time has come to start living for dreams to, not just the everyday rat race. If you like to be part of my dreams come true join to my journey. I accept requests for digital or traditional art designs, and paintings. Every request is a challenge, an adventure. Feel free to contact me with any Ideas…

This website is created to begin, hopefully, an adventures great journey. At the moment my first goal to rent a little art studio because my artistic need overtaking all the house. And still have to work long hours in for living.
From there there is another galaxy within to discover.

Much Obliged, Alpar B.

Artists philosophy

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